If you are unable to make class, please cancel 8 hours in advance to allow for another student to take your spot. Many classes, such as our aerial classes, have very limited spacing.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early for your class to allow time to sign in at the front desk and get settled into the studio.

The studio doors close once class begins. Late students will not be able to go into the class after this time to avoid disrupting the other students during their practice.

If you must leave early, please find a spot near the door, and always do so quietly and before savasana (final relaxation), which is typically the last 5-7 minutes of class.

Always remove your shoes before entering the studio.

Observe quietly in the studio before, during, and after class. This is a quiet space and many students use the time prior to and after class as an opportunity to stretch and/or meditate.

No cell phones will be allowed in the studio. Not even on vibrate or silent, as the vibration and light may disturb other students.

No perfumes, colognes or heavy scents of any kind in the studio because of sensitivities and allergies.

Take rest or water whenever you need it; always honor your body.