Danielle Schaar

After joining the Revival Community as a student in 2016, Danielle quickly discovered the benefits of a consistent and meaningful yoga practice both physically and mentally She jumped at the opportunity to take her practice to the air when Revival began offering aerial yoga. Danielle was immediately addicted to the balance between freedom and support that an aerial practice offers and became certified to teach aerial in April 2017. With an even greater desire to share yoga and its benefits, Danielle completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Revival in May 2019. Off the mat, Danielle is a special education teacher who prides herself in her ability to see past her students’ challenges in order to help them find the strength within themselves to be as independent and successful as they can, both in the classroom and out in the world.


Savannah Rehr

After practicing for a couple years at Revival Yoga, Savannah decided to jump right into Revival’s first 200-hour yoga teacher training. Addicted to learning more about the incredible feeling of love and fulfillment from yoga, she became certified to teach vinyasa, restorative, yoga sculpt, and aerial restorative/yin all at Revival. Her fire was ignited even more once taking a BUTI yoga class in 2018, influencing her to deepen her practice by becoming a certified BUTI yoga teacher. Once completing a Yoga to Transform Trauma training under Catherine Ashton, she began to understand the importance of releasing trauma, and how transformational BUTI yoga can be when releasing past and future traumas. The intense release, love, freedom, and support BUTI yoga provides are what drew her to teach this practice so her students can experience the same authentic freedom.


Sammy Peltz

Always ready for a challenge, Sam takes on it all. She teaches at Revival Cycle, Revival Air Barre, and is currently in Yoga Teacher Training to improve her mind, body, and soul. She also manages all 3 studios and enjoys every second of it.

Sam loves to laugh and smile and especially meeting new people. Come take her class to burn that booty!


Michaela Comiskey

Michaela has been avid about fitness since her mid-20’s. She was hooked on Barre Fitness after taking her first class in 2015. After years of high impact exercise, she loved the full body workout and core strengthening that barre classes provide without stress on the joints. Michaela grew up in Tinley Park. She graduated from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana with a BS in Biochemistry. She worked in the pharmaceutical industry before having children. She is married to Brian and has 2 sons, Dylan and Scott. Michaela is certified in Barre through The Dailey Method and Yoga Sculpt through CorePower Yoga.


Juliette Fry

Embracing each day with a spirit that seeks the good within and around her Juliette encourages you to step into your light with an occasional giggle and freedom of movement. Join her Tuesday nights for Aerial After Dark 7:15pm and enjoy the liberation you find and treat yourself to as you tone, strengthen, float, shake, slide, flip and fly. Surprises abound! Arrive with an adventurous curiosity...


Jennifer Kloos

Jennifer is a momma of four beautiful babies, soon to be five, that reveal an infinitely growing love deep within that's never been explored.  Yoga has filled her life with a similar love. 
Before yoga, Jennifer was passionately devoted to furthering her physical limits in running.  She completed many ultra-marathons that left her feeling very accomplished but not fulfilled.  A very challenging injury guided her into a hot yoga class.  There was an immediate connection to the muscular energy the class embodied, but as she practiced the organic energy brought the true balance to her life and self love finally began to surface. Jennifer knew at that moment that she wanted to share this discovery with everyone.  She grew her practice and went into yoga sculpt teacher training at Yoga By Degrees, 200H RYT teacher training at Chicago School of Yoga, intensive immersion of budokon, 2 week intensive Ashtanga training, Aerial Yoga Training and Yoga to Transform Trauma with Catherine Ashton.

Jennifer's deep love for bringing hope to those in a constant state of suffering is every reason in her heart to explore yoga's truth behind healing.